Top 9 Air Fryer Mistakes That You Might Be Doing

Top 9 Air Fryer Mistakes That You Might Be Doing


You have bought an air fryer and are struggling with the perfect crisp air fried food?

We have found that many people are facing issues and problems while using an air fryer. As they are new in the market so there are lots of things to explore and learn about it. If your air fryer is not up to the expectations and as promised by the company that you thought might be the best air fryer, so there might be some air fryer mistakes that you are doing. here we are going to share some of the tips and tricks that might help you to reduce your air fryer mistakes and give the best out of your air fryer. Because sometimes it’s just a small technique that makes a lot of difference.

If you are one of those who are here on this article to find out your air fryer mistake or probably mistakes, then let’s get started.

Air Fryer Mistakes That You Might Be Doing

Mistake 1: Investing In A Cheap Air Fryer

Number one on the list of air fryer mistakes is investing in a cheap air fryer. The first mistake that people usually do is that they do not invest in a good air fryer. Cheap air fryers from local brands with no warranty is a big risk itself. So, if you have not bought an air fryer yet consider this point as your priority. The reason is that cheap air fryers started to mess up so early that you start regretting your decision. The issues like peeling off the non-stick layer with the few use only, or the parts starting to break, or the poor functionality. In short, it does not have a long life. If you have not purchased an air fryer yet so invest your time in searching the right product from the right brand. Make a wise decision so you may not make this cheap air fryer buying mistake. We are not saying you to be brand conscious but when the quality of the product is concerned so there is a thumb rule the higher the name of the brand the higher the quality of the product. Because they ensure the good quality of their product and are available for you to compensate or solve your problem regarding the product.

Go for the air fryer that has thousands of reviews and the rating is around 4 or above.

Mistake 2: Overloading The Basket

The second on the list of air fryer mistakes is overloaded baskets. For perfectly fried food you should avoid overloading the air fryer’s basket. Because the fully loaded basket will not be able to air fry the food properly. Divide the food into batches or if you do not want to do it then go for the larger air fryers that have more capacity to air fry. Overloaded basket is one of the air fryer mistakes that people do not consider a mistake but believe us try this you will be surprised with the result. The reason is that the loaded food overlaps each other and does not have enough room or space that each of them gets an equal chance of air frying. So, keep the load minimum that it may air-fried easily. The same technique that we used in frying the food in oil. We give enough space to the food that each of them gets an equal chance to fry properly.

Mistake 3: Amount of Oil

The amount of oil used sometimes becomes the biggest mistake. People usually add too less or too much oil that it does not turn out as expected. Firstly, make sure that the oil is evenly sprayed or brushed on each food item. For a perfect crisp, you do not need to over brush or overspray the food you just add the amount that can cover the food. It will not take more than tea or a tablespoon. The quantity of the food also matters, balance it according to it.

For foods like bacon, chicken wings, or the food that already contains fat naturally does not even require brushing with the oil. So, they can be cooked with no oil. For the safe side, you can apply oil to the basket so that the chances of sticking food on the basket may reduce.

Mistake 4: Oil Applying Techniques

There are different foods that require different techniques of oil application. Like air frying, a chicken breast or fish can be done by simply greasing the basket and for extra crisp, you can apply oil on chicken or fish but it’s not necessary in this case. But the same rule does not apply to the fries or the chicken wings, for a touch of crispiness a little amount of oil is needed to be brushed on them.

We would recommend avoiding the oil sprays as they are chemically treated oils that can be a reason for the damage not only to your body but to your air fryer as well. You can apply oil by brushing it or simply you can buy an empty spray bottle and add your favorite oil in it and it’s ready to use. We are not saying that the sprays are not good, but they are obviously chemically treated so why to have extra chemicals when we can avoid them. So, it’s an unnecessary chemical intake to avoid it.

Mistake 5: Keep Check on The Food

This is one of the air fryer mistakes that actually is just a matter of being attentive with your food. Once the food is loaded to the basket and it’s set to be air fried, do not forget to keep a check on the food. Flip it when needed or give it a stir for each side to be easily cooked. Even though there are such air fryers that indicate you to shake the food. So, never forget to rotate it in between.

Mistake 6: Not Giving Enough Air to Your Air Fryer

This one is the most neglected factor that sometimes occurs as the most foolish mistake. This is one of the air fryer mistakes that people usually ignore the fact that air fryers use air to function. Even it would be a little surprising for you to read it here because people usually neglect this fact. The air fryer should be placed in a place where it has enough space to circulate the air. It must be 5 or more inches away from the wall or any blockage to function properly.

Mistake 7: Not Cleaning Air Fryer Just After the Use

Whenever we purchase any kitchen appliances, we make sure that the cleaning process should be easy. But one factor that can make cleaning easier or worse is the timing of cleaning. The cleaning time matters a lot. If you keep it clean during the cooking or just after the cooking it will be clean so effortlessly, but it can become an air fryer cleaning mistake if you let it sit for hours or will clean it the next time you are going to use it. This will take a lot of your effort and time. So, clean as soon as possible for easy and convenient use.

Never try to use it without removing the leftovers of previous food. It may burn it and the taste like smoky or burnt can destroy the whole taste of your food. It will not take too much time to clean, place it under the tap, wash it with soapy water and normal warm water and it’s clean and ready to use again. Usually, parts of the air fryer are dishwasher safe so you can also dishwash them. We would recommend you to wash it under the tap with your hands. It will increase the life of your air fryer.

Mistake 8: Putting Wet Food To Air Fry

It is one of the air frying mistakes to put wet food in the air fryer. This can affect the crispness and cooking time of the food. Try to paper towel the food to remove the access water to enjoy the crispy and yummy food. The wet food turned out to be soggy and you will not be able to have crisp or dry food in the end. So, remove the access water before outing it into the air fryer. This air fryer mistake can do a disaster to your food, your crispy French fries can turn into soggy potato curry.

Mistake 9: Not Using Air Fryer Sensibly With Tools

This can be one of the air fryer mistakes that you might be doing. Not using an air fryer sensibly with the tools, is the mistake which usually people do during cooking in an air fryer. They do not use the air fryer sensibly with different tools like foil, filter paper, towel paper, tongs, baking gloves, etc. to minimize the mess, workload or even these tools save you from any of the burn or harm.

Our Last Verdict on Air Fryer Mistakes:

We hope these indications of air fryer mistakes will help you to cook perfect food from your air fryer. If you are doing any of these mistakes, try to avoid it for the perfect cooked food. If you have any other mistakes in your knowledge, do let us know in the comments below.

Written by Owais

I am Owais, CEO of Zomusk. My love for the kitchen, cooking and kitchen appliances is infinity and beyond and I have been following my passion by writing in this awesome niche. I have been really lucky among the people who do the job they love to do. I really hope my articles and personal experiences help you guys. You can always contact me and if you want to give some suggestions or just want to say a hello.


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