These 6 Tips Will Keep Your Juice Fresh- FAQs Added

Keep Your Juice Fresh


Although drinking juice right after it’s made is the best way to consume it, making it ahead of time can save a lot of time for many of us. Being prepared can help you drink more juice regularly. If you are getting a hard time in cleaning the juicier, here are the 6 easiest juicer cleaning hacks. Making them ahead of time in preparation for those busy periods may be the only way you’ll be able to stick to a juice fast or even get them down regularly. But you might be thinking about how to keep your juice fresh to consume it later. 

Juice storage can be a lifesaver for juicers. Work commitments, travel, personal circumstances, and a hectic schedule make it challenging to consume freshly made juices immediately. The best strategy is to learn how to store them properly to minimize nutrient degradation:

Tips to Keep Your Juice Fresh

  • After you’ve made your juices, store them right away.
  • Fill your juice container to the brim as much as possible to reduce oxygen exposure.
  • Keep your juices in airtight glass containers.
  • By increasing the amount of Vitamin C, citric acid, and other antioxidants in your juice, such as from a lemon, lime, or grapefruit, you can help reduce a nutrient loss (just like a lemon squeezed over avocado or apples reduces the browning and oxidation).
  • When traveling, keep your juices in a dark, cool place; using a cooler bag with ice packs is best to avoid nutrient loss.
  • Juices can be kept in the fridge for 24 to 48 hours and up to 72 hours.

People Also Ask

Why does juice have a significantly less shelf life?

The science behind the less shelf life of a juice is the “Oxidation” process. Oxidation is the process in which the nutritional components get exposed to oxygen. This is the reason that causes potatoes, apples, and other fruits and vegetables to become brown so quickly. Juice is even more prone to oxidation because when fruits and vegetables are juiced, the cell walls of the products are broken down, exposing the nutrients to air, heat, and light, all of which contribute to nutrient degradation over time. The longer juice sits, the more oxidized and degraded the juice nutrients become.

What if you need to store the juice for longer?

When you need to keep juices for more than 48 to 72hours, we recommend freezing them. When freezing, it’s best not to fill them to the top to allow for expansion. At least a few inches should be left at the top, depending on the size of the container. When thawing them, it’s best to do so in the refrigerator and consume them right away.

Nutrients, of course, aren’t the only reason to drink juice; it’s also about taste. Juicing the night before is alright if you’re doing it for the purpose of flavour. But if you do this on a daily basis, you’re going to be missing out on a great deal of pure nutrients.

What happens to juice when stored longer?

  • After 72 hours in the fridge, the following is the result:
  • The number of nutrients lost from your juice will be significant.
  • Because of the increased nutritional loss and oxidation, the juice will seem dull and darker in color.
  • The flavor will change as well, and it may be rather unpleasant.
  • If your juice is kept in the fridge for too long, it may develop harmful bacteria and cause stomach trouble.
To reduce exposure to air and light, store fruit and vegetable juice in a well sealed, dark-colored container. You can use your freezer for long-term storage. Raw fruit and vegetable juice can be stored in the freezer for two to three months. Pasteurization is indicated for increased shelf life.

How long can you preserve the fresh juice?

For maximum nutrients, it is recommended to preserve it for 3 days.

Which juices can be preserved longer?

The juices with higher acidity can be preserved for a more extended period, like citrus juices, which include lemon juice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, etc.

Which juices cannot be preserved longer?

The juices with lower acidity cannot be preserved for longer, like sugarcane juice, apple juice, peach juice, etc. 

Does juice expire?

Yes, it does. The company-made juices are preserved for as long as 12 months. At the same time, homemade juices are preferably recommended to drink within 2 to 3 days. Otherwise, by freezing it, you can use it after a week or more.


Fresh juices are best to consume and are recommended fresh. But if it is unavoidable, then only go for juice preservations. If you follow our juice storage recommendations, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of your juices. If you buy bottled juice, look for HPP juices that have been pressurized to keep the nutrients intact without using heat.

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