Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Juicer

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Juicer


Juices are the old way to provide your body the nutrients. The drinking of juices is now in trend, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. People are moving towards a more healthy lifestyle and healthy foods and drinks that will make their immune system strong so they may fight or prevent themselves from the pandemic.

Juices are an easy way to have the nutrients that are not possible or in case you would not like to eat them in raw form. This pandemic situation around the world has given us a shock and made us compromise on things and situations where in the past we could not imagine compromising on. The lockdown has made us manage our lives within our homes.

When it comes to healthy eating and drinking people have purchased or shifted towards their kitchen appliances to have all things made at home. Like other kitchen appliances, the demand and need for Juicers have also increased. If you are one of those who wanted to purchase a juicer machine for your home and family so, you are in the right place.

Before purchasing any of the juicers make sure that which type of juicer is yours and your family’s need. Wait, WHAT?

You do not know about the types of juicers available in the market? Let me tell you then.

There are basically four different types of juicers commonly available in the market i.e Centrifugal juicer, masticating juicer, juice press also known as cold press juicer, and triturating juicer, also known as twin gear juicer. All of them are good in their own way because all are made for one purpose that is of course, juicing.

So, their key goals are the same but the way or techniques of performing the task is different. The different techniques obviously produce some changes in the goal. So, before making any decision try to understand the types of juicers and the quality of their juices.

Types Of Juicers

1- Centrifugal Juicer

Centrifugal juicers are the fastest in all of the four types of juicers. They are basically the juicer that uses centrifugal force for the extraction of the juice.  They are the one that is most commonly available in the houses. The reason could be its fastest speed but also the fact that it is cheaply available in the market.

In a centrifugal juicer, the force is generated by spinning, it has a blade that spins so fast at around 6000 to somewhere between 14000 RPM, we add fruits or vegetables through the chute and press them by the hand pusher. It chopped the fruits or vegetables and the auger spins so fast to extract the juice. They usually contain 30% of the solid or fiber.

It usually has the following parts:

  • Hand pusher
  • A cover to prevent the spilling.
  • An auger machine to perform the chopping and extracting process.

A few of the best Masticating juicers are as follows:

They are the fastest juicer in all types of juicers.They may contain more fiber than the other types of juicer available.
Cheaper in price.They are not made for seeds or nuts, so you can’t extract milk out of centrifugal juicers.
They also come in compact sizes, to save your counter space.They make more foam on the top of the juice.
Most commonly available.They cannot handle the leaves properly.
Easy to use.They are noisy.

They are best for people who love to drink fresh juices with a little touch of pulp or fiber. They are cheap and easily available in the market.

2- Masticating Juicer

Masticating juicer is the slowest in all. It is the juicer that spins at 80 to 100 RPM. It has one moving auger that moves slowly to grind and extract the juice from fruits and vegetables. The slow speed may sometimes result in a bitter taste as well. They also have the pulpy or fiber content in the juice. Some juicers even result in chunks as well.

But on the other hand, they are able to make nut’s milk which means they can handle the seeds and nuts to extract milk out of them. The slow speed of the masticating juicer extracts more amount of juice compared to others. That means you will be rewarded with more juice for waiting along. Even though you can make your own nut or seed milk. They can also handle the green leafy vegetables to extract juices out of them.

Masticating juicers are recommended for those who want to store the juice, maybe to sell or want to store it for hours. Because the slow extracting process increases its life and maintains the taste for a long time.        

A few of the best Masticating juicers are as follows:

Keep juice fresh for a long, this juicer can be a good option for selling the juice purpose.Slow speed, means it requires more time.
Produces more quantity of juice compared to other types of juicers.The chute size is small which results in more prep time.
They can even extract juices from frozen fruits or vegetables.Expensive than the centrifugal juicers.
Nut milk or seed milk can be made from it.Can handle leafy things like kale, spinach, etc.

Recommended to the people who require more nutrients and quantity rather than the speed of the juicer. The juice extracted from this masticating juicer has a longer life.

3- Juice Press – Cold Press Juicer

In a Juice press, there are two different parts, or you can say machines involved in the extraction of the juice. It first chops the fruits or vegetables in the separate part then those chopped fruits or vegetables are sent to another place to press it so intensely so the juice may come out of it. It consists of a spinning blade for the chopping purpose and the separate part is designed to actually press the juice. It is also called Cold Press Juice because of its extraction style.

It produces the juice in the most nutrient-full manner. No layer of foam is found, and the quality is so good that it can be stored for about 2 to 5 days. It also works well with green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, etc. They can also be used for nut milk or nut oils.

The best part of this cold press juicer is that it produces the purest form of juice with only 1% of pulp or fiber, which means 99% of pure juice. This is the actual juicer that extracts most of the juice from a fruit or vegetable. They are expensive because of this property.

A few of the best cold press juicers are as follows:

Extract the purest form of juice with only 1% of pulp or fiber.Expensive in all the types of juicers.
Long life of the juice and can be stored for 2 to 5 days.Might bother you in cleaning.
No foam layer on the top.
Extract the juice to the fullest from the fiber.
More nutrients are extracted from it. 

4- Triturating Juicer- Twin Gear Juicer

The triturating juicer is also known as Twin Gear Juicer because it has two gears used to extract the juice. In Triturating juicer, the force is generated by pushing the fruits and vegetables. The best thing about them is that they produce less to no noise. The juice extracted from them also contains 30% pulp or fiber.

The two gears in the triturating juicer rotate to grind and extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables. The two gears perform all the basic tasks themselves of chopping, grinding, and extracting. They are also slow-speed juicers that can extract good quality juice.

These are best when it comes to the quality of the juicers. They are expensive because of its good quality and extraction of maximum nutrients.

A few of the best two gear or triturating juicers are as follows:

It is said that it can extract more nutrients than centrifugal and masticating juicers.They might take more counter space.
Produces less to no noise. Expensive than the above two types of juicers.
Extract more quantity.Little harder to clean.

Juicer Buying Checklist

Juicer Buying Checklist

Our Last Verdict:

All the types of juicers are somehow good at their own place. Now it’s your decision to make that which suits you the most for you or your family. 


Written by Owais

I am Owais, CEO of Zomusk. My love for the kitchen, cooking and kitchen appliances is infinity and beyond and I have been following my passion by writing in this awesome niche. I have been really lucky among the people who do the job they love to do. I really hope my articles and personal experiences help you guys. You can always contact me and if you want to give some suggestions or just want to say a hello.


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