All You Want To Know About Different Types Of Coffee

Different Types Of Coffee


For many years, drinking and making different types of coffee is a basic ritual. Simmered and ground coffee beans were set in a pot or dish, to which boiling water was added and covered to begin the mixing cycle. Pots were designed explicitly for blending coffee, all to attempt to trap the coffee beans before the coffee is poured.

Top 16 US States That Love The Coffee Most

Top 16 US States That Love The Coffee Most

With the passage of time, the number of coffee lovers has increased. Not only has the number increased but different types of coffee have also made their place in the coffee family. Different types of coffee are available in the market according to the taste and preferences of the people living in different regions.

Let’s start with the key element in the making of coffee that is coffee beans.

Types of Coffee Beans

There are two types of coffee beans available i.e Arabica and Robusta.


Arabica coffee beans in general have a better, sweeter, milder taste, with tones of sugar, organic product, and berries. Their acidity is higher, with that winey taste that describes coffee with astounding acidity.


Robusta coffee bean has a more grounded, stronger taste, with a grain-like flavor.

Brewing Styles

The brewing style of coffee makes a lot of difference. That’s the reason that all the coffee café have their own unique and different taste of coffee. Coffee making is an art basically the more you are creative and tricky into it the tastier it would be. There are different styles of brewing coffee that can make different types of coffee according to your taste. The brewing styles are as follows:

Drip Brew 

Ground coffee is added to a brewing pan and set in a programmed coffee machine for this fermenting style. Gravity is utilized to go water through the grounds, bringing about a conventional mug of coffee. To get the best brewing machine you can buy FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker- 49976.

Pour Over 

This preparing style is accomplished by pouring bubbling water gradually through coffee beans as they sit in a filter bushel. The coffee at that point dribbles into a cup, bringing about an intense brew.

Cold Brew 

For this technique, coarsely ground coffee is set in room temperature water and permitted to soak for an all-encompassing timeframe. The outcome is a less intense, strong caffeine brew.


To accomplish a coffee blend of espresso, you’ll need a coffee or cappuccino machine. These machines pass pressurized heated water through a channel containing roasted ground coffee beans. The power of the water delivers an exceptionally strong espresso shot. This is the strategy most regularly utilized for the base of espresso drinks.  


Fermented in the same technique as the expresso, pressurized water is gone through the coffee beans. Use water in the least quantity than espresso; it could be half less than espresso. The more limited fermenting cycle makes a stronger and darker shot of coffee.

Types Of Coffee

There is a wide range of coffees available now. You can even make the ones you love at your home by using coffee makers like Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers, Cuisinart Coffee Makers, Delonghi Coffee Maker, or any other you trust. Let’s move towards the different types of coffee trending nowadays. 

The Basic One – Grounded Coffee + Water

It’s just a grounded coffee added with warm or hot water. It is also considered a weight loss drink when on diet. It has the property to slow down the production of glucose which means less weight gain. The amount of hot water added to the coffee further categorizes them into other names. If you are a hot coffee drinker you must try FlexBrew Thermal Coffee Maker.

1- Black Coffee:

The simplest and basic form of coffee is Black coffee. Just have the ground coffee, sugar (it’s optional), and hot water. The water quantity further differentiates it in the different types of coffee as mentioned below.

2- Espresso:

A highly concentrated coffee with just 1 ounce of water makes a 1 shot of espresso. It is usually difficult to drink because of its bitterness. So further additions are made to make it less concentrated and better in taste.

1 shot espresso = coffee + 1 ounce of water. 

3- Double espresso or Doppio:

A double espresso is also known as Doppio in Italian. It is just espresso but is double in quantity. 2 ounces of espresso equivalent to 1 Doppio. Highly concentrated and strong coffee.

Doppio = 2 espresso shot

4- Americano

Americano is a combination of espresso and water. The ratio is 1 shot of espresso with 3 ounces of hot water makes a perfect Americano. Less concentrated as compared to the above two.

Americano = 1 shot of espresso + 3 ounces of hot water

The Popular One – Espresso + Milk

This is the category of coffee that is generally served in all coffee shops. They are not as basic as black coffees but with the addition of different kinds of milk in different quantities. The Cuisinart Coffee plus 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Plus Hot Water System can be a good option if you have to make coffee of different types especially black coffee. The different types of coffee of this category are as follows:

1-  Macchiato

This is the combination of the coffee along with milk. The kind of milk is optional; it can be steamed milk, almond milk, full-fat milk; it’s totally on taste.

Macchiato = 1 shot of espresso + 1 or 2 tablespoons of milk 

2- Long Macchiato

As its name says it all, it is the same as the Macchiato but with a greater quantity of milk. Long Macchiato is the less concentrated coffee up till now we have mentioned but still a strong one.

Long Macchiato = 1 shot of espresso + 3 or 4 tablespoons of milk

3-  Flat White

Flat white coffee is the one that is as strong as others. To avoid the bitterness it has some more quantity of milk added. People who do not like the strong coffee taste can go for this Flat white coffee.

Flat white = 1 shot of espresso + 4 ounces of milk

4- Latte

Latte the most popular one. If you are not a black coffee lover and want to drink a coffee with less bitterness and concentration then this can be the perfect choice for you. It is a combination of 1 shot of espresso with a greater quantity of milk about 6 to 8 ounces.

Latte = 1 shot of espresso + 6 to 8 ounces of milk

The Fancy Ones – Espresso + Milk + Cream Foam + Additional Flavor (Optional)

This is the category of coffee where the basic coffee is added with cream and with the addition of some flavor. The different types of coffee in this category are as follows:

1- Cortado

This is the modified form of Macchiato. It contains espresso, warm milk, and a thin layer of about 1 to 2 centimeters of foam. The layering with foam makes it a different type of coffee from Macchiato.

Cortado = 1 shot of espresso + 1 or 2 tablespoons of milk + thin layer of cream foam

2- Café Latte

Café Latte is the Latte coffee with a layer of foam. The only difference is the foam that makes latte a Café Latte. As you can notice the recipes are somehow the same but a little change in the combination and quantity is creating a wide range of different types of coffee.

Café Latte = 1 shot of espresso + 6 to 8 ounces of milk + thin layer of cream foam

3- Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a famous coffee around the world. It is a combination of coffee, milk, foam, and chocolate powder (in minimum quantity just for dusting on top). It is the one which is loved all around the world. Because it gives a perfect taste of coffee and also reduces its bitterness with the combination of milk and milk foam and dust of chocolate powder gives it a flavor of chocolate also; not ruining the taste of the coffee.

Cappuccino = 1-2 shots of espresso + 2 ounces of milk + 2 ounces of foamed milk + dust of chocolate powder

4- Mocha

Here is the coffee for the chocolate lovers, Mocha. This is a different type of coffee from cappuccino by increasing the quantity of chocolate powder or you can add chocolate syrup as well.

Mocha = 1 shot of espresso + 1-3 ounce of milk + layer of cream foam + 1-2 ounce of chocolate syrup or powder

5- Vienna

This is a bit different from other types of coffee in this category. As it does not involve mixing of milk in any case. It only has the shots of espresso with the whipped cream.

Vienna = 1-2 shots of espresso + 2 ounces of whipped cream

The Cold or Iced Coffee

This is the category where coffee is not served hot but with the twist of some ice or ice creams. For this type of coffee, you do not need a really hot coffee and can use already brewed coffee too. The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker – 47900   can be ideal because it can keep coffee fresh for about 4 hours which means making an iced or cold coffee is so easy even if you brewed it hours and hours before. The different types of coffee in this category are as follows:

1- Affogato

Affogato is more like a dessert than a coffee. It can add some amazing interesting taste to your meal. It has a shot of espresso in it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. If you are a coffee and Ice cream lover simultaneously then it will give you a really yummy twisted flavor of coffee and ice cream together.

Affogato = 1 or 2 shots of espresso + 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

2- Iced coffee

This is one of the different types of coffee that has ice in it. That’s why its name is Iced Coffee. This coffee is more like a fresh cold drink. It has coffee, milk, water, and flavoring syrup, usually chocolate syrup. It tastes like a cold chocolate drink with a fusion of coffee.

Iced Coffee = 2 ounces of espresso or drip coffee + 4 to 6 ounces of milk or water + 4 ounces of ice + any flavoring syrup of choice.

You can also check Coffee FAQs if you have questions in your mind related to coffee.


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