6 Alternative Ways Of Brewing Coffee At Home Without Professional Coffee Maker

6 Alternative Ways Of Brewing Coffee


If you’re trying to make a cup of coffee and do not have a coffee maker so brewing at home is an actual task, we’ve got something for you. If you are not willing to invest in professional coffee makers then we have shortlisted some amazing alternative coffee makers for you which are small and budget-friendly too.

Alternative ways of Brewing Coffee at Home without a Professional Coffee Maker

We’re listing down a few famous alternatives for brewing coffee at home. These are some of the most popular alternatives for brewing your coffee at home without a professional coffee maker.

You can go for any of your most suitable alternatives. So let’s start:

1- Use Coffee Cone

Coffee cones are one of the most used and famous alternatives for coffee brewing. It’s an integral pour-over brewer type. There are different coffee cones available in the market that makes coffee brewing so much easy and simple. But one thing to remember here is that each cone gives off different tastes of coffee because of its extraction capabilities. So, before buying so many cones at a time, you must try a single coffee cone at a time to examine its taste and quality.

How to brew coffee using Coffee Cone?

It is too easy and simple to use a coffee cone.

  1. It needs a coffee cone with a holder.
  2. Adjust them on your mug or jug.
  3. Add finely grounded coffee.
  4. Then pour hot water slowly and gradually


  • Pour-over
  • Simple and quick
  • Slightly bitter in taste
  • Different cones give off different tastes

2- Use French Press

French press is also at the top of the list because of its easy to use the feature. The good part of this French Press is that it’s a two-in-one brewer. A brewer and a server too.

How to brew coffee using the French Press?

It’s simple to use, by using the following steps you can brew your coffee:

  1. Warm up the press and your empty French Press by rinsing it with very hot water.
  2. Measure the coffee and grind.
  3. Add some water.
  4. Stir it.
  5. Add more water.
  6. Leave it for a few minutes.
  7. Cover it with a filter.
  8. It is ready to be served and enjoyed.

This coffee is observed to have more body than the pour-over coffee.


  • Steeped method
  • Takes 5 to 7 minutes
  • Requires medium-coarse grounded coffee
  • Taste like full-bodied and rich
  • Easy to make

3- Use Chemex

Chemex is one of the oldest and finest ways of brewing coffee. It’s a traditional way of brewing coffee which is still being used in different rural areas. While using this technique you will feel like creating a piece of art.

The Chemex is now used for about 80 years and has managed to make itself a staple of many American homes. The Chemex is made of glass and notable for its signature wooden band wrapped around it. Thanks to its unique folded paper filter that gives a fine and clean cup of brewed Coffee. Be extra careful when handling it as it is glass made so the chances of breaking it mistakenly is high.

How to brew coffee using Chemex?

This method involves similar steps like others.

  1. Rinse the chemex with hot water
  2. Place filter.
  3. Add coffee.
  4. Now slowly pour hot water.
  5. Add water gradually and wait for a few minutes till the coffee stops dripping.


  • Uses filtration or dripping method
  • Requires medium-fine grounded coffee
  • Makes bright cup
  • Approximately takes 5 minutes in total
  • Easy cleaning

4- AeroPress

AeroPress is the favourite of many homebrewers. Invented to overcome the need to be able to brew a nice cup of coffee quickly. It is a homebrewer which can convert coffee grounds into brewing the best cup of coffee with it. The AeroPress is also known for its versatility, thanks to the many different ways people can brew coffee with it, from espresso-like extractions to coffee concentrate.

How to Brew Coffee Using the Aeropress?

  1. Boil the water first & after boiling allow it to cool down.
  2.  Aeropress has its unique round filter which needs to be connected to the plastic cap of the Aeropress. Bring together all of the essential parts. Then pour water via the filter.
  3. Then add 30gm grounded coffee with 500ml water in it. Add more water if needed.
  4. Wait for a few minutes.
  5. Then use the Aeropress pressing tool to apply pressure on the coffee.
  6. Press till dripping may not stop.
  7. Coffee is ready to be served.


  • Full-bodied texture
  • Simple and quick
  • Makes coffee fast
  • Takes time in cleaning due to multiple parts

5- Use Siphon

If you’ve ever been to a Japanese coffee shop, chances are you’ve seen the siphon. A siphon brewer has basically four parts; top and bottom chambers, a filter and a heat source.

This coffee brewing method is the most aesthetic way to make coffee and is one of the older methods to make coffee. The siphon produces coffee through a combination of vapour pressure and vacuum through two chambers, one of them with the water and the other with the coffee. It uses a cloth filter, helping it make a cleaner cup of coffee, but the set-up and cleaning can be quite tasking.

How to brew coffee using Siphon?

  1. Brewing water is added to the bottom chamber and heated with the heat source.
  2. Once the water is hot, gases start to escape and a vacuum is created which will then move the brewing water to the top chamber. The top chamber is used to brew the coffee.
  3. Once brewing is done, the heat source is put off which will cool the air in the bottom chamber.
  4. This creates another vacuum which will pull the coffee down to the bottom chamber and the coffee is ready to be served!


  • Thick coffee
  • Deeply extracted
  • It’s fun to see the process of brewing through a siphon
  • Cleaning takes time

6- Use Cold Brew Method

Last but not least, this is one of the easiest yet time taking methods for making coffee. Cold-brew has become very popular because of its mild taste. Anyone who doesn’t like hot coffee or lives in hot areas can still enjoy coffee by using this method. Thanks in due part to how easy it is and how it can be preferred over a hot coffee, especially in the summer months.

How to brew coffee using the Cold Brew method?

  1. Take grounded coffee in water or in milk. (Or both)
  2. Leave it overnight or for 12 hours to steep.
  3. Next day you’ll find yourself with a beverage that’ll deliver a whole lot of caffeine into your system.


  • Needs proper planning to make a night before
  • Cannot make hot coffee from this
  • Can create different beverages with it

You can also watch their comparisons in this video:

If you are not having a coffee grinder then must check out: How To Grind and Brew Coffee Beans Without A Coffee Maker? 4 Easy Methods

People Also Ask:

Can you make coffee without brewing it?

Heat the water using a kettle, a pot, or even a microwave cup. In an empty mug, place the coffee bag you made. Pour the hot water slowly over the coffee bag into the cup, taking care not to overfill it. Allow four minutes for the coffee to steep.

How do you use coffee pods without a machine?

Simply take the pod from its box, set it in your mug, and pour boiling water over it gently. Allow the pod to steep about a third to half an inch after stopping about a third to half an inch from the brim. Use a spoon to keep it submerged if it starts to float. Stir the brew every now and again to keep the pod submerged.

What can I use in place of coffee filters?

4 Best & Inexpensive Coffee Filter Substitutes:
  1. Paper Towels & Napkins (Most Common)
  2. Fine Mesh Sieves (Flavorful, But With Grounds)
  3. Cloth Napkin or Dish Towels (Convenient, Not Always Tasty)
  4. Reusable Tea Bags (Least Common)

How do you make a flat white coffee without a machine?

Using six tablespoons of ground coffee and boiling water, make a strong coffee in your cafetière. While your coffee is brewing, heat the milk on the stovetop, stopping just before it boils. For a few minutes, aggressively whisk the milk until it becomes nice and frothy.

Can I make coffee in a Velvetiser?

You can’t make ordinary coffee, but you can make the best latte you’ve ever had with velvetised latte range. From the first sip to the last, the creamy, silken texture comes from an unexpected source: cacao butter. It could only have occurred to a chocolatier.

How do you make espresso coffee without a machine?

Grind the coffee as follows: 1/2 cup dark roast coffee beans, ground to a medium-fine grind. Warm the water: 3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons water, heated to a hot but not boiling temperature (200 to 205°F). Wait 4 minutes after adding the coffee: Fill the French press halfway with medium-fine ground espresso coffee. Add the hot water on top.


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