Six Easiest Juicer Cleaning Hacks That Saves Time

Six Easiest Juicer Cleaning Hacks That Saves Time


Today we are going to discuss here some of the best and easiest juicer cleaning hacks that would not only solve your juicer cleaning problem but also you will thank us for the easiest time-saving juicer cleaning simple hacks.

Making juice from a juicer machine nowadays is easy to process. You can have multiple glasses of juice in just a few minutes. This is why people prefer buying juicers instead of buying juices from juice shops.

The homemade juices are far cheaper and more hygienic than the fancy stores. People choose to make juices at home using juicers that are quickly and cheaply available. This all seems so smooth, but the problem comes when you clean the juicer machine.

The whole process of juicing is quite simple, but the cleaning part frustrates many of us. If this part of juicing, which is juicer cleaning, is neglected, you will regret it later a lot.

Not cleaning the juicer properly would either decrease the shelf life of the juicer machine, either it could smell bad, either it could rot or even if left for a more extended period, it can start decaying. Most importantly, it would cause the birth of many bacterias and viruses, which could be far more dangerous than damaging your juicer machine. 

Easiest Juicer Cleaning Hacks

Juices are the easiest way to enjoy a glass of vitamins and healthy nutrients in just a single go. Eating fruits and vegetables are also really beneficial, but a glass of juice contains more vitamins and nutrients. It helps to make your immune system strong, gives glows, instant energy and a quick means of giving your body a quick fix in case of deficiencies.

Since juices have so many benefits and advantages, then the only hindrance that is juicer cleaning is now made easy for you. Here are some of the easiest juicer cleaning hacks for you.

Note: For the smooth and easiest way of cleaning, we have shared below the easiest steps to be followed for making juice in the most simplest form without any frustration.

The time-saving hacks are as follows:

1. Rinse Or Wash Juicer As Soon As Juicing Is Done

This hack is probably one of the easiest ways to clean your juicer. The problem occurs when the residue fibre gets dry and stuck in the small holes of the blade, filter/screen basket and the areas where cleaning is a bit difficult. So, one of the easiest juicer cleaning hacks is to rinse or wash the juicer’s parts as soon as the juicing is done. Do not let it dry; dryness would make cleaning most difficult.

2. Use Tooth Brush Or Cleaning Brush For Cleaning The Blade And Filter/Screen Basket

Cleaning brushes are now the added attachment given with the juicer machines. This cleaning brush is specifically provided to make blade and filter/screen basket cleaning easy. If you have a juicer of your grandmother’s time that is still in good condition but does not have a cleaning brush, you can use a toothbrush or even cleaning brushes that are separately sold in the market.

Rub the brush on both sides of the blade and the filter/screen basket for better cleaning. This hack of using a brush for sensitive parts like a blade and the area where your hand or finger could not reach works like magic.

Apart from cleaning from the brush, it is also recommended not to use your finger or hand for cleaning the sharp and edgy parts like blades and filter/screen baskets. Sponges are a terrible choice in this case. Brushes are the most suitable and safe option here.

3. Use Trash Bag In The Pulp Container

The other hack which would make juicing more convenient is to use a trash bag polythene bag or bin liners in the Pulp container. This may not be suitable for every juicer. First, examine your juicer. If its pulp container has its mouth outside the juicer, then this hack could be used; otherwise, for the pulp containers inside the juicer, this hack is not for them.

4. Give Juicing Process A Prep Time

Since you know your juicer better, you are aware of it if it leaks, jerks, or makes any mess. Replace your juicer if it’s not functioning correctly. But in case you are using your juicer, that creates a mess, then you have no other option than to do some prep before juicing. If it leaks from some point, place a piece of cloth or paper towel before starting the juicing so that it may stop the leakage to spill all over and the piece of cloth or paper towel suck it.

Even you can place a big piece of cloth under the whole machine to avoid any mess on your counter. Once juicing is done, wash it separately or throw it using any useless piece of fabric.

5. How To Remove Stubborn Residue From Juicer?

What if you had left the juicer unclean for hours? For a scenario like this, the juicer cleaning becomes the most difficult part. In such a case where all the pulp is dried and is stubborn enough to come out, use the following hacks:

  • Soak Parts In Hot Water

One of the easiest ways is to soak all the parts with stubborn residue or the dried juice in warm to medium-hot water. This will soften the pulp, and all the dried juice may get cleaned. Leave at least for 30 minutes or more. Then rinse it off as usual.

  • For Deep Cleaning Of Blade And Filter/Screen Basket

It would be best to have some baking soda and vinegar to remove the stubborn food particles from the blade holes and the filter/screen basket. Sprinkle baking soda on them and spray vinegar on them. Leave it for a few minutes and rub it with a brush to remove the stubborn fibre particles. This would not only remove the particles but will also act as deep cleaning of the parts. It will kill the bacteria as well. 

If you are wondering what to do with the juice residue, you can check out these amazing hacks to utilize leftover juice pulp.

6. For Deep Cleaning Of All Parts Of The Juicer

If you are looking for a deep cleaning hack for all the parts of the juicer, then you would need Vinegar Citric acid or Cleaning agents. Take water in a big container you can use in the tub. Add vinegar or citric acid or cleaning in the ratio of 1:3. Soak all the parts for a few hours. Rinse it with plain water (then the dishwasher for more cleaning satisfaction). 


To make any task easy, we need to plan it first. Likewise, keep small steps in mind in juicing, and you will find making juice the easiest thing. So, let’s begin:

  1. Wash and cut the fruits and vegetables is the first thing you should do.
  2. Then set up your juicer near the switchboard.
  3. Use a trash bag in the pulp container if it’s possible.
  4. Before juicing, keep the container in hand where you want to transfer the juice.
  5. Keep a piece of cloth or paper towel where you think the juice may drip.
  6. Start juicing.
  7. Once juicing is done. Remove all the parts immediately and start rinsing.
  8. Do not waste any time rinsing. It would hardly take a few minutes to rinse all the parts, and do not forget to use a cleaning brush for the screen basket.
  9. Let them dry. 
  10. It’s ready for subsequent use.

Final Verdict On Juicer Cleaning:

Now juicing is no more a headache. Use any of the mentioned hacks for juicer cleaning and make your juicer cleaning super easy. You can choose any hacks that suit you the best or which is more comfortable for you to follow.

I hope this might help you make juices essential for your healthy body and metabolism. If you are one of those who avoid juicing because of the juicer cleaning problem, then this is no more problem now.


Written by Owais

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