Do These Things To Stop Leaking Blender

Do These Things To Stop Leaking Blender


Blender is the need of every kitchen. We all have blenders in our kitchen. But along with it, many problems are also attached. The problem we are going to discuss is the leaking of a blender

How to know that your blender is leaking?

Whenever you use a blender, in spite of remaining in the jar, the liquid spills out of the blender. Either from the sides or the lid area or even at some point from the jar. There could be many reasons behind it.

What are the reasons behind a leaking blender? 

The possible reasons for leaking blender are as follows:

– The gaster rubber is damaged or dirty. (Sometimes a piece of solid is left between the gaster sealing and the jar, which creates space between the sealing and the jar and thus causes the blender to leak)

– The gaster is not fitted properly.

– Missing gaster. ( Maybe you forget to place it after cleaning or disassembling.

– Jar is cracked or broken.

– Lid is not fixed properly.

– Lid is damaged or dirty.

How to stop blender from leaking?

You need to find the exact reason for the leaking blender. Leaking of the blender can be stopped by adjusting the jar properly with the agitator. Or by changing the gaster rubber, if damaged. Or by replacing the lid is broken. Or by changing the whole jar if it’s leaking.

This process requires a detailed examination of the blender to find out the reason. You need first to find out the place from where it’s leaking. If it’s from the base of the blender’s jar, then it means the problem is somewhere with the gaster rubber or the base case.

If it’s from the lid side, the problem is somewhere on the lid. And if it is leaking from the jar, so the problem is somewhere on the jar. 

What to do if the blender is leaking from the base?

The problem with the base case would be the crack or some damage. Even a dirty case can also be the reason for the leaking of the blender. If it’s dirty so cleaning would be the solution to it. If it’s broken, then you need to replace it with a new case.

If it’s dirty or has some food particles, this could create a problem in screwing up the jar with the base. For this, you just need to clean it properly. 

Suppose the scenario is of some broken or damaged base. Then this will require a new base case. You can buy it from the official store of your blender’s company. Usually, every company also sells the parts separately as well. If you are not getting it from there, you can purchase it from the local market. 

How to replace the gaster sealing to stop leaking?

If the base case is fine, it means the problem is with the gaster rubber called o-ring. It acts as a sealing material to stop leakage. However, if it gets damaged, broken, or displaced, it causes leakage.

If it’s displaced, then you simply need to fix it properly, and the leaking blender problem will be solved.

But if it needs to be replaced, you need to follow the following steps to replace the gaster rubber.

  1. Disassemble the jar from the blender motor.  
  2. Then unscrew the base from the jar. 
  3. After that, you will have an agitator with a gaster rubber.
  4. At this point, you need to inspect where the actual problem is, which is causing leakage.
  5. The leakage is usually due to that rubber seal that gets damaged or broken and does not perform its task properly.
  6. If it’s broken or damaged, replace it. It is readily available in the market. You can even contact the company for the exact gaster rubber sealing.
  7. But in case you did not find it broken or damaged, then it might be just displaced. You just need to fix its position. 
  8. Make sure the rubber seal is placed correctly, and then place the jar on it.

Note: Do not assemble it too tightly; that can also damage the base material.

What to do if it’s leaking from the lid?

You just need to replace your lid if it’s broken or loose. But if it is dirty, then simply wash it and clean it properly. Then fix the lid properly to lock the jar’s mouth. It will stop the jar from leaking from the lid.

What to do if it’s leaking somewhere from the jar?

If your jar is made of plastic, then fixing it is pretty easy and possible. Whereas glass jars are challenging to fix, they only need to be replaced. To fix a plastic jar, you need to examine the jar properly and find out the crack or hole. Cover it with some strong plastic glue, let it dry. Then it is ready to use.

The simplest way to examine the hole or crack on the jar is to fill it with water. The broken or cracked area will start leaking blender. Mark that area. Remove the water from the jar. Take strong plastic glue. There are multiple of them available in the market. Let it dry then you can use it without leakage.

Why is the blender leaking black liquid?

This kind of leaking blender indicates the age of the blender. This usually happens in the old blenders or the blenders that are used too much. This black color is due to the damage to the gaster rubber under the blade. 

When blades move, it generates friction and heat, which damages the gaster sealing over time. This can be resolved by replacing the gaster rubber. Sometimes, the blade needs to be changed if it unnecessarily generates too much heat or friction and damages the gaster sealing.

How to prevent the blender from leakage?

By taking good care of the blender, you can prevent it from leaking. 

– Clean it properly after every use.

– Keep the blender and jar in a place where it is safe.

– Handle the jar and motor with care to avoid any damage.

– Check the gaster rubber often to change it on time before it gets entirely useless.

People Also Ask

Why is my Oster blender leaking from the bottom?

Check the following if your Oster® blender is leaking: Is the blade covered by the sealing ring? Is the threaded bottom cap securely fastened? Is the bottom of the jar cracked?

How do I fix a leaking NutriBullet?

Tighten the cup’s connection to the base. If it continues to leak, you may easily remove the rubber seal and replace it with a new one to establish a new and long-lasting seal.

Why is my NutriBullet leaking oil?

When the gasket that seals the blades is either spoiled or cracked, your nutribullet blender will most likely spill a black liquid. When this happens, the lubricant might leak past the broken seal and combine with whatever you’re blending, resulting in a thick black slurry.

Does a NutriBullet have a seal?

Unfortunately, due to constant usage, the nutribullet blender gasket seals in the cross and flat blades are prone to deterioration. It’s worth repairing the seals around the inside of the cross / flat blades as soon as you see cracks or holes.

Your Vitamix is leaking around the lid or base?

The Vitamix is built to keep liquids in the container. Please double-check that everything is securely fastened around the rim of your lid or the tamper hole if you see leaking. Customer support should be contacted if there is a persistent leak.

Why is my Vitamix leaking oil?

Grease on or around the machine could indicate an overfilled bearing or a deteriorating blade bearing assembly seal. Please contact customer service if the problem persists.

Why is my Kitchen Aid blender leaking?

If the jar of your KitchenAid Blender is leaking, It’s possible that the gasket/sealing ring is damaged, missing, or in the wrong place. The flat sides of the gasket should sit on the collar, which is ridged. To avoid leaks, make sure the sealing ring is placed flat side down.

How do you tighten a Kitchen Aid blender?

Tighten the screw with a flathead screwdriver. The pin will stay in place if you do this. When the motor is turned on, the mixer head should be securely reattached and should not wobble.

Can I use blender without rubber ring?

“NO”. Going in this direction is unquestionably a bad idea. It’s like pouring water into a basket if you use a blender without the rubber ring or seal. The porous structure of the basket prevents it from holding even a spoon.

Where does the seal go on a blender?

The bottom of your blender jar is sealed by rubber blender gaskets. Between your blender container and the blade assembly, it forms a seal.

How do you clean the rubber seal on a NutriBullet?

Rinse the blade with a 10% vinegar and water solution or lemon juice for a more thorough cleaning. Because the heat from some dishwashers might harm the gaskets, causing them to loosen and fall out, we advocate hand washing over dishwashing.

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