Can Blenders Explode? 6 Reasons + What’s Next?

can blenders explode


This article is written to tell you about one of the problems of blenders that you might have faced. That is: Can Blenders Explode?

Can Blenders Explode?

Yes, of course. But very rarely. A blender is a machine, a human-made machine that can explode too. But the good news is that it doesn’t explode so commonly.

Blenders Can Explode – Reasons for Explosion

Following are some of the most common reasons for the blender’s explosion.

1. Overheated Blender

There are many reasons why a blender can be overheated. It could be malfunctioning, fluctuation of electricity, over usage, mishandling, and much more. Overheating of the motor can damage the blender and its parts. You can experience smell and smoke. The extreme reaction that you can face from blender overheating could be the blender explosion. 

2. Misuse of Blender

Since Blender is a machine, there are some protocols to be followed in order to use a machine. Using it inappropriately can be the reason for serious damage. Some basic protocols to use an electronic product like a blender are as follows:

  1. Give rest to the machine for about 10 to 20 seconds after every minute or 2 minutes.
  2. Do not play with it by turning your blender on and off so frequently.
  3. Do not switch from 1 speed to another speed abnormally. Like changing speed after every second. It would put extra and unnecessary effort into the machine which can cause damage, overheating, and the blender to explode too.
  4. Don’t turn on an empty blender unnecessarily. Turning on an empty blender for too long can overheat a blender and its blades.
  5. Deep cleanse your blender motor with a dry or damp piece of cloth often.  (Make sure the power is turned off and the plug is disconnected). This would remove the dust, dirt, and most importantly the food particles which can be the reason for some internal damage.
  6. Keep electronic items in a dry and room-temperature place. A too-hot or too-cold environment can damage the internal parts of the blender.
  7. Clean the blender and its motor immediately as any of the blending items spills on it. Sometimes that liquid reaches inside the motor and becomes the reason for the blender’s explosion or any other damage.
  8. Leave at least ⅕ of the blender’s jug empty. This would make it easy for the blender to blend. A full jug is not an ideal situation to blend as it will not get enough space to move. Hence, would create pressure that can result in the explosion of the blender.
  9. Last but not the least, read the instruction manual carefully before using a blender. Avoid those situations that are prohibited by the company. Adopt the suggested ways to use a blender.

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3. Electricity fluctuation/ Breaker trips/ Short circuit

Electricity fluctuation Breaker trips or short circuits, in short, any unusual activity of current can cause damage to your appliances. And among all the damages, the explosion is also one of them.

4. Blender Not Properly Fixed

Each blender is made differently but there is a basic structure and pattern that is followed in the manufacturing of blenders. It includes a lid that needs to be properly fixed before blending, many blenders have a child lock or lock feature which needs to be locked before blending, and blenders are made in such a pattern that they need to be put and fixed in that particular pattern to function. If any of the cases are not followed your blender would not work and in the worst situations, it can explode as well.

5. Malfunctioning Over Time

As this world and everything is mortal, blenders do lose their durability and start getting weak over time. Many times it has been noticed that blenders explode all of a sudden without any particular reason. The reason found was blender’s old age, no other particular main reason. So yeah, if your blender is too old or has been overworked it could be the reason for the explosion. But it’s not a common reason for blenders to explode.

6. Built-in Malfunctioning

The other possible reason could be the malfunctioning of the blender during its manufacturing. This is an exceptional case. It usually doesn’t happen but it can be one of the reasons.

Blender Exploded- What’s next?

If you are one of those whose blender is exploded and you are confused about what to do next then:

  • Immediately switch off the power supply.
  • Do not try to fix yourself.
  • Take professional help.

People Also Ask

Why did my NutriBullet explode?

The heat and pressure inside the canister that builds up when the 600-watt motor is turned on is most likely the cause of these Nutribullets exploding. The canister explodes when the pressure becomes too much. Nutribullet is publicly disputing these allegations and blaming the consumers.

Do magic bullets explode?

The handheld Magic Bullet Blender & Food Processor, like the NutriBullet blender, has been reported to burst, sending hot liquids flying and causing significant burns to users and those standing around.

Is the magic bullet safe to use?

The Magic Bullet handheld blender has been connected to equipment failure, putting users at risk of severe cuts or burns. Injured consumers have brought a number of lawsuits against the company.

Can you blend hot things in NutriBullet?

Yes! The nutribullet® Immersion Blender may be used to blend hot soups, warm purees, or mash cooked vegetables right in the saucepan.

Do Ninja blenders explode?

Yes, Shark Ninja has been sued by customers who have been injured as a result of their blenders exploding while in use. As a result, shrapnel from the canister flies into the consumer’s face. Furthermore, it exposes the blade, which may come into contact with the consumer’s hand.

Can you burn out a blender?

A higher motor speed means a higher current. If you put hard foods in the blender jar and try to chop them on low speed, the motor will burn out.

Can you put boiling water in a blender?

Some blenders are capable of handling hot liquids, but you must exercise caution. When you put hot liquids like water into a blender that doesn’t have enough ventilation, pressure can build up and the blender can explode.

Final Thoughts

Blenders can explode but it’s not so common. If you use your blender correctly and carefully then there are 99% chances you would never experience it. But it’s a machine and can react to your expectations and predictions therefore, there is still a 1% chance that your blender might explode. Try to follow all the above-described protocols to use a blender. Those steps themselves can prevent you from the explosion and in fact, they will save you from many other damages too.

Written by Owais

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