Is Stand Mixer Really Inconvenient To Use?

Is Stand Mixer Really Inconvenient To Use?


There are many complaints regarding the stand mixers that make it really inconvenient to use as per many of the customers. The complaints include the following issues.

  1. Stand mixer takes a lot of counter space.
  2. It spills out the mixture from the bowl while mixing.
  3. It does not mix the batter properly.
  4. It does not reach the bottom of the bowl.
  5. It cannot make a smooth dough.

But you will be surprised to read that all these issues are our own created. Companies make their products with lots of research, procedures, and tests before launching them to the market. By following some simple tips and tricks you would be able to resolve all of the above-mentioned issues.

These kinds of issues are created because of our own lack of knowledge. It is a common trend that people usually do not read the manual and instructions properly before using the product. If you will follow the following steps you would definitely going to get the best results from your stand mixers. The solution to the above problems are as follows:

1. Stand Mixer Takes A Lot Of Counter Space

Always do little planning before buying any product. There are different sizes of stand mixers are available in the market. Buy it according to your counter space. If not have enough space do not go for the big size, instead, go for the mini stand mixers.

2. Stand Mixer Spills Out The Mixture From The Bowl While Mixing

Start from a slow speed and increase the speed gradually to avoid the mess. You can also avoid the mixture coming out of the bowl by not filling the bowl too much. Keep enough space left in the bowl to mix properly.

3. Stand Mixer Does Not Mix The Batter Properly

The mixing of the batter can be done properly by using the right attachment for the right purpose. do not try to do every task from a single tool. For kneading use the dough hook, for whipping or creating airy mixtures use the wire whisk, in fact, there are other tools also like for making pasta and noodles.

4. Stand Mixer Does Not Reach The Bottom Of The Bowl

Your mixer is not reaching the bottom of the bowl because your stand mixer is not adjusted properly. there is a screw for adjusting the height of the mixer. you need to adjust that height to reach the bottom of the bowl.

5. Stand Mixer Cannot Make A Smooth Dough

This is not the problem with the stand mixer, it’s the problem with the dough. You have not added enough liquid or added too much liquid due to which the dough is not as smooth as it should be.

Final Verdict:

We can safely say that stand mixers are not inconvenient to use and you just have to know how to operate them properly. However, if you are still not convinced or do not have the budget to buy a stand mixer, you can learn about substitutes for stand mixer.

Written by Owais

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