Juicer FAQs- Get All Your Juicer Related Questions Answered

Juicer FAQs- Get All Your Juicer Related Questions Answered


Common Juicer FAQs And Juicing Related Questions

Which juicer is the best to buy? 

The answer may vary from person to person. Its totally dependent on the needs, requirements, and priorities of every single user. In order to find your best juicer, you need to prioritize your requirements like: 

  • Ease 

The juicing process should be easy. The easier the machine is in handling the easier would be the juicing.  

  • Features 

There are multiple functions and features that make every juicer unique from others. So, check out the features as well and select the one which attracted you the most. 

  • Replacement parts 

Make sure the juicer you are intending to buy should have the replacements parts easily available. Non- availability or even too much delay in the shipment of parts can make your juicer useless. 

  • Price 

There are hundreds of juicers available in the market with different price ranges. It may vary from few dollars to hundreds of dollars. So, decide your budget first. 

  • Size 

The sizes are juicers are from huge to compact. So, before selecting any juicer make it sure that how much counter space do you have.  

  • Power 

The power of the motor depends that the juicer takes it easy or difficult while juicing. A powerful juicer may work more conveniently, easily, and quickly. 

  • Durability 

Before deciding the right juicer for you. Do check its review and find out its durability and life. A juicer should be long-lasting and durable. 

Eating raw fruits and vegetables or drinking juice. Which is better? 

Both the options have their own pros and cons. Let’s discuss both of them. 

Drinking a glass of juice gives you instant energy. The nutrients and minerals present in them are more as compare to eating raw fruits and vegetables. If you are ill or need an instant result so prefer drinking juices. They are a good source that provides you with the fullest of vitamins and minerals present in them.  

Whereas, raw fruits and vegetables contain fiber that is also necessary for your body. Fiber improves the overall digestion process. If anyone faces constipation then the raw fruits and vegetables containing fiber are really good to improve digestion. Raw fruits and vegetables take more than 30 minutes to digest therefore, they react to the body late as compared to juices. 

We would recommend having a balanced diet with both juices and raw fruits and vegetables. 

How many types of juicers are there? 

There are four different types of juicers: 

  1. Centrifugal Juicer 
  2. Slow Juicer 
  3. Hydraulic Press or Twin Gear Juicer 
  4. Cold Press Juicer or Juice Press 

What does a Cold Press Juicer mean? 

In Cold Press Juicer the juicing technique is slow. It first cut the fruits or vegetables into pieces then presses them to extract the juice. This process does not involve heat which prevents any nutrient loss. It is the process that yields most of the juice with most of the nutrients. They are more healthy and their life may increase due to extracting juice from this method. Even it is observed that you can store them for 72 hours as well. 

How does the Centrifugal Juicer work?

Centrifugal Juicer contains a flat cutting blade at the bottom of the spinning strainer. The blade cuts the fruits or veggies and is forced against the strainer. The force is applied to separate the juice from the fiber. The force used is Centrifugal, that’s why it is called Centrifugal Juicer.

How does the Masticating Juicer work?

The fruits and vegetables in the Masticating juicer enter from the chute. It is then crushed into pieces by an auger. The machine then slowly squeezes them to extract the juice and separate the fiber or pulp in a separate container.

How the Hydraulic Press Juicer or Twin Gear Juicer works?

The Hydraulic Press Juicer or the Twin Gear Juicer contains two gears. Fruits and veggies are passed between the gears that rotate inwardly to crush and extract juice from them. This type of juicer is considered as most nutritious juice producer. As the colors and flavors are richer by this juicer as compare to other juicers.

Which juicer is easy to clean? 

All the juicers present in the market are made in a way that can be cleaned easily. Many of them are made Dishwasher safe so, can be washed in the dishwasher. But a tip to clean your juicer easily is never to leave your juicer unwashed for long, it will dry the remaining pulps or leftover which will become a disaster afterwards while cleaning it. So, always clean the juicer and wash it under the tap as soon as the juicing is complete.  

Which type of juicer is best? 

We personally like Cold Press Juicer as it gives 99% of the juice. This technique involves less loss of nutrients and a more nutrientful glass of juice. Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer is our personal favorite Cold Press Juicer.  

Can we extract orange juice from the juicer? 

Yes. But do not forget to remove its peel because it’s bitter in taste and can ruin the whole juice taste. 

What do I do with the leftover pulps? 

The leftovers from the juicing can be used in multiple ways. Utilize them according to their taste. If it’s an apple, carrot, beetroot, or any fibrous leftover so it can be used in making bread, desserts, and snacks. Whereas, the leftover of veggies like spinach, kale, cucumber can be used in making omelets or any curry. Even these leftovers can be given to pet animals like hens, rabbits, birds, etc. 

Why do I drink fruits and vegetable juices when I can eat them?

It is very important for a healthy body to intake a balanced diet. A balanced diet is a combination of different vitamins and minerals. But this could become really tricky to make your diet a balanced diet. For this purpose different vegetables and fruits that are not possible to eat daily or in large quantities, their juices are made to have those vitamins and minerals to have a healthy body.

So, eating fruits and vegetables is a good thing but juices are also needed to provide the body the remaining needed nutrients.

Which is the best juicer under $100?  

We have shortlisted the best juicers that are cheap yet good enough to buy. 

  1. Breville Juice Fountain Compact 
  2. Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 3 Juicer Machine 
  3. Mueller Austria Juicer 

How long I can keep my juice? 

Juices are meant to be drink as soon as they are made. With the passage of time, they lose their nutrients. It is recommended not to keep your juice for more than 8 hours if wanted to enjoy its nutrients. Otherwise, juices can be preserved for 72 hours as well but not with the nutrients that a fresh juice contain. So, always try fresh juices as they are more nutritious and good to drink.  

Is it important to go for organic fruits and veggies for juicing?

Do not overthink about it. Whatever is easily available to you, use it. Usually, organic green leafy vegetables are easily available whereas, organic fruits are not that easily available. So, whatever can be easily arranged go for it.

How do the juices cleanse the body?

We eat junk, we eat so much different things throughout the day. Our digestive system makes lots of effort in digesting the food we eat. But when we drink juices especially detox or cleansing juices they provide a sort of relief to the digestive system. The workload of the digestives system minimizes and it gets time to rest and relax. And simultaneously, the vitamins and minerals need of the body is also fulfilled by drinking the juice. So, all in all, juices are a good option for your body’s overall health.

Which juicer gives the most nutritious juice?

It is commonly said that Twin Gear Juicers produce more nutritious juices. As they work in a way that the two gears crush and press the fruits and vegetables in the most appropriate way. The distance between the two gears is very less which means it presses the fruit and vegetables so well that it extracts the most out of it.

It is also observed that the juice extracted from Twin Gear Juicers are richer in color and taste.

Is it safe to drink juices daily?

It depends on some of the conditions like:

  • Which juice you are drinking?
  • Are you sick? And drinking juices to overcome the deficiency?
  • What is your medical condition? Having diabetes or any other disease?
  • The quantity of the juice.

Drinking a normal amount of juices on daily basis is totally safe. But before drinking any of the juice daily make sure to keep your medical condition in mind or consult your doctor before changing your diet. Because the excess amount of sugar, iron or any other component may affect your medical condition. So, drink juices wisely and accurately to get the most of the benefits from it.

Is it necessary to buy a juicer to drink juices? We can purchase fresh juices as well so why go for juicers?

Juicers are made for people who love or even need to drink juices on a frequent basis. Because juicers cut down the expense of your juice in much less than ¼ of the price from the market. So, for saving money in the long run you need to invest in a good juicer that will last with you for decades and save your money to buy juices from the market that are so much expensive.

You can have fresh juice whenever you want. No limitations of timing and place.

The other thing is that it saves your time and energy. You do not need to go out to buy juice if having a juicer at your home. You can even customize your own juice according to your taste.

Therefore, if you are a juice lover and wanted to save your money as well so, go for the best quality juicer.

We have tried to cover most of the questions that usually arise in our minds when we think about a juicer or juicing. Hope it may help you to get your answers. If found any questions missing, do let us know in the comments below. We will surely make efforts to answer your queries.

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