SMEG Coffee Maker- Here Are Our Best Picks For This Winter

SMEG Coffee Maker- Here Are Our Best Picks For This Winter


SMEG is a well-known company in Italy, which was founded in 1948. They are serving their customers with a quality product. The company offers a variety of kitchen appliances, including ovens, dishwashers, fridges, kettles, coffee makers, blenders, and toasters. Smeg has its outlets worldwide, including the United States.

SMEG Coffee Maker

Today we are going to discuss SMEG Coffee Makers. They have covered all the products suitable for coffee needs, like coffee maker, coffee grinder, and milk frother. 

Let’s get answers to some frequently asked questions then we will move forward for our top picks of SMEG Coffee Makers for this winter.

Why buy SMEG products?

SMEG products are stylish, sleek, and attractive in design. The colors and aesthetics all are to die for. The interesting fact about their products is that they combine old and modern technology, techniques and features

How to use the SMEG coffee maker?

  1. Add grounded coffee or pods.
  2. Fill the water tank.
  3. Then press the ON button.
  4. Customize the coffee if you want to.
  5. Your coffee will start brewing.
  6. There is a flashing light indicator that, when turned off, indicates the brewing is finished. 
  7. You are ready to enjoy your coffee.
  8. Wait for 3 minutes for the next batch of brewing.

They are used the same as the other coffee makers. For in-depth details, read the instruction manual carefully.

How to turn on a SMEG coffee maker?

This coffee maker is so simple to turn on. Plugin the wire into the switchboard. Then, press the ON button somewhere at your coffee maker. 

Can you use Nespresso pods in Smeg Coffee Maker?

Yes. The Espresso Smeg Coffee Makers are made to make coffee from grounded coffee and coffee pods. 

1. SMEG 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Drip Filter Coffee Machine

Smeg Coffee Maker is a user-friendly and environmentally friendly coffee maker. It is the upgraded version of DCF01. Its carafe has a capacity of 10 cups. Its colour is Black.

The price of this smeg coffee maker is $380. It has non-slip feet, an intelligent control panel, and a water level indicator too. You can even adjust the water hardness according to your taste.


  1. Auto-start mode
  2. Mode for 4 cups brew
  3. Option for 12 or 24-hour clock
  4. Digital display with LED
  5. Light indicator for descaling alarm
  6. Anti-slip feets
  7. Reusable filter 
  8. Aroma intensity function


  1. Colour: Black, Red, Pastel Green, Cream, and Stainless steel.
  2. Model: DCF02BLUS
  3. Weight: 7.50 lbs
  4. The capacity of carafe: 10 cups
  5. Water tank capacity: 6 cups

What are others saying about it?

It has 4.4 ratings on Amazon with more than 850 reviews. The people love the color options. But some people have complained that it cannot keep coffee hot after 20 minutes.

2. SMEG Espresso Coffee Maker (Manual Espresso Coffee Maker)

This one is the SMEG Espresso Coffee Maker. The color is bright Red. It has a sleek and attractive design. The price of this SMEG coffee maker is $515.

It allows you to make coffee from coffee grounds or coffee pods. Coffee pods are available in different flavors that give you a variety of different coffee flavors. 


  1. User-friendly system
  2. Milk frother
  3. Mixes steam and milk for delicious coffee
  4. Alarm system
  5. Removable tray


  1. Colour: Black, Red, Pastel Green, Pastel Blue, Cream, and Pink.
  2. Model: ECF01RDUS
  3. Weight: 11 lbs
  4. Pump pressure: 15 bars

What are others saying about it?

This coffee maker has 164 reviews with a 4.5-star rating. 

3. Bean To Cup Smeg Coffee Maker Espresso Automatic Coffee Maker

smeg automatic coffee maker

This Espresso Automatic SMEG Coffee Maker is all you need. It can make various coffees like Ristretto coffee, Long Coffee, Espresso Coffee, Americano, etc.

The price of this coffee maker is. It also has an adjustable water level to customize the hardness of coffee. It is very easy to use and clean. The cleaning becomes more manageable with the cleaning brush it comes with.

The coffee made from this coffee maker passes our test in terms of taste. It was yummy and tasty. But keep in mind the taste may vary from coffee beans and grinding techniques.


  1. Automatic switch-off after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  2. Milk frother
  3. LED system with white light for primary function and orange light for secondary functions.
  4. Alarm system for various tasks, including decalcification alarm.
  5. Adjustable height dispenser


  1. Colour: White
  2. Wattage power: 1350 watts
  3. Pump pressure: 19 bars
  4. Water tank capacity: 1.4 liter
  5. Coffee beans container capacity: 150g

What are others saying about it?

Loved by the people because of its sleek design and looks. You can have it if you want to make coffee from scratch. 

Why consider a SMEG coffee maker?

– Wanted a stylish coffee maker

– Wanted to buy from a trusted company

– Have a warm function to keep coffee for longer time

– Automatic ON/OFF

– Gives your kitchen a more attractive aesthetic

– Familiar with its tastes

Why not consider the SMEG coffee maker?

– If looking for a budget-friendly coffee maker

– If looking for low maintenance coffee maker

– If looking for the more advanced feature of the coffee maker

Final Thoughts:

SMEG coffee makers are good as far as looks, colors, and designs are concerned. The coffee taste is going to beat your expectations. I found it a bit expensive. You can go for it if looks and designs are your preference. But as far as quality and price are concerned, we would recommend you to try other coffee makers who are cheaper and more efficient.


Written by Owais

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