Here Is All You Want To Know About Commercial Juicer-Recommended Juicers Added


Are you confused about deciding which commercial juicer to buy?

Buying personal juicers are easy, have lots of reviews and you have heard about them within your family and friends circle. But buying a commercial juicer is expensive and needs lots of careful attention because your business is going to depend on it.

But the point which makes me confused initially is there something out of the box in the commercial juicer that a personal or home juicer doesn’t have?

Then after years of research I found that there is no such difference between a home and commercial juicer by looks and appearance. But the difference is in design, manufacturing, and durability.


Both the home and commercial juicers are meant to extract juice but the core purpose of a commercial juicer includes:  

  • It should be fast.
  • It should be durable.
  • It should have a big chute size that will minimize the prep time.
  • It should produce less foam.
  • It should make tasty juices without changing the actual taste and color.
  • It should extract maximum juice from fruits, vegetables and green leaves.
  • It should be easy to use.
  • It should be easy to clean.
  • Producing less noise would be a plus point. 

They are expensive, big, heavy duties, and you would probably find fewer reviews on them as they are not needed in every home. They are purchased for commercial purposes, therefore, sold less as compared to personal juicers.

Some people even buy them for their home use as well.

Difference between Commercial Juicer and Home Juicer

By seeing with your eye there is not any big difference between a commercial juicer and Home juicer. The difference comes within the manufacturing of motor, parts, and the durability of the juicer machine. Commercial juicers are more strong, able to be used daily for a longer time, do not corrode, do not heat up that easily and their parts are more strong and durable. That’s the reason they are more expensive than personal juicers.

They are good for daily use. Especially for commercial purposes in restaurants, hotels, juice bars, and cafes.

How to know the juicer is actually the commercial juicer?

A juicer used for commercial purposes and to be called a commercial juicer had to pass some tests and get the certifications to be approved as a commercial juicer. Before buying the juicer must check those certifications marks and the commercial warranty or warranty limitations from the product description in the manual or from the official website and even you can contact the company’s support service providers to inquire.

Every company claims its product to be the most perfect kind of product. But to differentiate between the actual commercial juicer you need to check its manual or the official website to see if the juicer is commercially certified or not.

How to identify the juicer is commercially certified?

Generally in the United States, the products used for commercial purposes should have the certification of NSF or UL. Under UL two more certifications come; ETL and CE. 

NSF stands for National Sanitary Foundation which is responsible for health-related certification.

Whereas, UL and the other two are responsible for the quality of the electronic equipment and its safety standards.

How many types of Commercial Juicer are there?

They basically have following 4 types:

  1. Centrifugal juicer
  2. Masticating Juicer
  3. Citrus Juicer
  4. Triturating Juicer 

Which juicer is best for Commercial use?

People found Centrifugal juicers best for commercial use. You can use other juicers as well but centrifugal juicers are more time saving and easy to go juicers to be used commercially.

What juicer do juice shops use?

Juice shops usually use Centrifugal Juicer because they are fast and can yield maximum juice from fruits, vegetables and green leaves.

Still everyone has their own choice depending upon their daily needs and requirements. Centrifugal juicer is ideal for juice shops but masticating juicer would be ideal for greens and leafy vegetables. For Orange juices Citrus juicer would be ideal.

How Much I Spent on Buying a juicer?

You might get confused by different ranges of price for juicers. You have options for as low as below $100. Also the middle ranged juicers that are below $500. And the expensives one which are above $500 and touch the range upto $2000 as well. This makes it really difficult to decide which one to buy.

If you are going to use a juicer machine occasionally then go for the juicer around $100. If you are willing to use it very often then go for mid ranged juicers. But if you are planning to start a business which requires a juicer as main equipment then go for the expensive and commercial juicers.

How do you clean a commercial juicer machine?

Use a cleaning brush made of nylon to remove the residue and pieces. Then wash it with plain water. If residue is stuck between the holes then leave it in the water for a few hours or overnight then clean it.

The best way to make cleaning easy is to wash as soon as the juicer machine is not in need of use. Because once the peels and fibre is dried and stuck it becomes too difficult to wash and clean. 

Our top picks of Commercial Juicer

 We are here with our research and experience to guide you to select the best commercial juicer. Without wasting time let’s get into the list of our top picks.

1-  Breville BJE530BSS Fountain Cold Plus Juicer

Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus is definitely one of the best Centrifugal Juicer in the market. The high-speed, extraction power, and affordable price of $280 makes it ideal for commercial use.


Shelf life of juice matters a lot for the juices specially for commercial purposes. The company claims the juice made from Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus would last up to 72 hours.


The motor of the juicer is powerful enough to make juices on a daily basis. The wattage power of the motor is 1000 watts. The speed ranges from 6500 RPM to 13000 RPM.


The chute size is 3.3 inches. It has two speed options for juice extraction. A hidden cord storage makes it presentable on your countertop. A safety lock system makes it more secure and safe to use. The cold spin technology yields the maximum juice.


All the parts are made with the high quality plastics and stainless steel that are BPA free. Even parts are dishwasher safe except the pusher, so can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

For cleaning you have to pay more attention and efforts to remove the residue from the disc blades.

What features make it a commercial juicer?

  • Fast speed
  • 72-hours shelf life of juice
  • Counter space saving design
  • Powerful motor
  • Big chute size that minimizes the preparation time.
  • Cold spin technology yields more juice.
  • XL capacity for juicing.


It has more than 1000 reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.7 stars. Some people are complaining about the foam on the top. But a little foam on the juices made with a centrifugal juicer is one of the drawbacks.

2- Tribest Jumbo Twin Gears GS-P502 Greenstar Pro Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer

This one is the masticating juicer in case you are not looking for a centrifugal juicer. It is famous for its twin gear technology that helps to extract the maximum juice from the fruits, vegetables and green leaves. The price of this Tribest Jumbo Twin Gear Juicer is $900.


It has a special feature of cooling fans that keeps the juicer cool during and after the machine works. Therefore, you do not have to stop and wait for the juicer to cool down for next use.


The motor is powerful enough to deal with hard items like nuts and beans. The wattage power of this juicer is 170 watts.The overall body and parts are made of really strong plastic which increases the life of the juicer machine.


Since it is a masticating juicer the speed is slow. Many people believe Slow Masticating juicer is better as it takes time to extract the maximum nutrients and juice from the fruits and vegetables. It works at as low as 80 RPM.


Many juicers failed in juicing the greens and leaves. But this juicer is ideal to be used commercially for making different juices from spinach, peppermints, wheatgrass, parsley and much more.


It has the option to make pasta as well. It means after buying this Tribest Jumbo Twin Gear Juicer you would be able to make homemade pasta as well.

What features make it a commercial juicer?

  • Powerful motor
  • Strong body
  • 72-hours shelf life of juice
  • Counter space-saving design
  • Twin Gear technology yields more juice.
  • Other than fruits and vegetables it can even deal with nuts, citrus fruits and beans.


It has more than 180 reviews on Amazon with 4.2 ratings. People are loving its long warranty and durability. But it’s more towards the heavy and expensive side and the chute size is also small.

3- Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer

This one is the manual hand press juicer. This type of juicer is for citrus fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruits, pomegranate etc. This is one of the best selling manual commercial juicers for citrus juices.


It has different colors like Black, Blue, Cream, Light Green, Gray, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow and Rustic copper. Each color has different prices. The price of this citrus Juicer is between $80 to $110.


The material used is heavy duty cast iron, and stainless steel which makes it really strong to be used for your shops on a daily basis.


The best part of this commercial level squeezer is that it has a lifetime warranty, which shows the confidence of the manufacturer to its users. You can buy this without any doubts.


This type of juicers are the simplest. They just need a good press and squeeze. Quite easy to use.


Since the machine itself is not made very complicated that’s the reason the cleaning is also so easy. You can wash its parts in the dishwasher also but cleaning under the tap is also very quick and easy.

What features make it a commercial juicer?

  • Strong body made with Stainless steel
  • Heavy duty cast iron base
  • 5-inches wide chute side
  • Counter space saving design
  • Life time warranty


It has more than 5000 reviews on Amazon with 4.7 star rating. Great for citrus fruits but requires lots of manual efforts. Some people are not happy with its unattractive design but some are really happy with its juicing ability of juicing.

4- Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

This one is the most versatile commercial juicer in our list. From design to the functionality it has met the modern touch. The price of this Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer is $439. 


You would crave to use and buy this juicer once you will see it. The design is so sleek and attractive that its grasp the attention. 


It has the feature that gives you the control to decide how much juice you want to extract from a fruit or vegetable. Because sometimes too much extraction results in bitter taste. In order to maintain the original taste you need to stop extraction at a particular point. 


This juicer is versatile in a way that it can cater citrus and fibrous both fruits and vegetables. Usually this type of versatility is not found in juicers. Either you will find a citrus juicer or the juicer that extracts juice from fibre.


Its size is compact. It will not cover a large space on your counter. Ideal for the small shops and kitchen. 

What features make it a commercial juicer?

  • Powerful motor
  • Strong body
  • 72-hours shelf life of juice
  • Counter space saving design
  • Twin Gear technology yields more juice.
  • Other than fruits and vegetables it can even deal with nuts, citrus fruits and beans.


It has more than 230 reviews on Amazon with 4.4-star rating. Some people are not satisfied with their customer service but the product itself is worth the money.


Written by Owais

I am Owais, CEO of Zomusk. My love for the kitchen, cooking and kitchen appliances is infinity and beyond and I have been following my passion by writing in this awesome niche. I have been really lucky among the people who do the job they love to do. I really hope my articles and personal experiences help you guys. You can always contact me and if you want to give some suggestions or just want to say a hello.


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