Best Cordless Food Mixers To Buy Today

Best Cordless Food Mixers To Buy Today


Who is not a fan of Food Mixers? The comfort and ease it has provided to the chefs and home cooks are unexplainable. There are different food mixers, i.e. Handheld Mixer, immersion blender/mixer, and Stand Mixer. They are used for mixing whipping, and some are also used for kneading. They are a blessing for the cooks as they reduce the cooking time. There are different types, shapes, and features in food mixers. Like different speeds, different attachments, LED display, smooth start, and more. What if it is cordless too? 

A jackpot? Isn’t it?

Cordless food mixers are the next level of comfort in baking, especially if it’s cordless, then you can use it without any hassle so comfortably on your countertop or even on the table. Hence, you can carry it and use it so quickly wherever you want. But when we talk about cordless food mixers, handheld mixers fall in this category because stand mixers are not cordless usually.

Best Cordless Food Mixers

Today, we will share some of the most like Cordless Food Mixers that are affordable, durable, and easy to use. 

1- KitchenAid Cordless Food Mixer

This KitchenAid hand mixer is the easy and quick way to mix, whip, and stir. It is available in 7 attractive colors. Matte color options are also available, like Black Matte and Matte Charcoal. The best feature of this food mixer, or hand mixer, is that it starts slowly to avoid mess. Seven different speed options make it versatile in use. You can whip cream with high speed, beat eggs on medium speed and stir or mix ingredients with slow speed. You can increase and decrease the rate according to your need. 

Sleek Design:

The design is so modern and sleek. You will fall in love with its overall look and appearance. And the color selection by the company makes it more eye-catching and attractive.

Comfortable and light-weight:

The product is lightweight and easy to use. The grip and handling are pretty comfortable, adding additional comfort to the food mixer. Less weight means more comfort and less burden on hand.

Charging time:

It takes 2 hours to charge completely. However, you can set it for 10 minutes and use it even for quick use. The battery timing is good enough to make multiple cakes or cookies. 


Colour: Onyx Black, Black Matte, Blue Velvet, Empire Red, Matte Charcoal, Passion Red, and White.

Model: KHMB732OB

Speed: 7 Speed

Price: $100 ( Currently on discount ) 

2- Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Food Mixer 

 Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Food Mixer is attractive, compact, and easy to use. Ideal for less counter space or small kitchens. It comes with two attachments and an instruction manual that also has some recipes to try with your Cuisinart Mixer. It is available in 1 primary color. It is suitable for whipping, beating, mixing, and stirring. It has a digital display with LED light.

Tremendous battery timing:

The good thing about this cordless food mixer is that it can continuously work for 20 minutes without heating up. Usually, the mixers need to be turned off every few minutes to avoid heating up. This food mixer is powerful enough to deal with 20 minutes of mixing, but as a preventive measure and to increase the shelf life of the mixer, turn it off in between 20 minutes also.

The compact size makes it ideal for a small kitchen:

This Cuisinart EvolutionX Food Mixer is smart and sleek in its shape, making it suitable for the small kitchen. In addition to it, it is super easy to carry with you on your long vacations.


Colour: Black/Gray

Model: RHM-100

Speed: 5 Speed

Price: $80 ( Currently on 48% discount)

Reviews: 290

Rating: 4.5 stars

3- Wynboop MINI Household Cordless Mixer

If you are looking for a cheaper and simple mixer to fulfill your daily mixing needs, this Wynboop MINI Household food mixer is ideal for you. It costs you just $20 or less if the discount is available. And you will be able to mix, whip, and stir from it. It comes with two attachments of whisks; one is for slow speed and liquid substances like cream, eggs, etc. The second one is for high speed and thick substances like butter, hard chocolate, etc. It is available in 2 beautiful colors that are our personal favorites. 


Its affordability makes it most attractive. By spending just a few dollars as a minimum as $20, you would have a food mixer. That will meet your whipping, mixing, beating and stirring needs to make cakes, cookies, desserts, and much more. 

Compact in size: 

Its size is perfect for daily use at home. Even this can be handled by your teenagers so easily and comfortably. The price would also prevent you from panicking while handing it over to your teenage kids.  

Lightest in weight:

This is one of the lightest cordless food mixers on our list. You would be surprised to know its weight. It was just 0.8 pounds. Yes, just less than a single pound weight is super light, super comfy, and super easy to use and carry.  


Colour: Green and Pink. 

Model: EB001

Speed: 4 Speed  

Wattage Power: 20 watts

Price: $20

Reviews: 89 

Rating: 4.3 stars



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